Reducing Spiders Inside The Home By Controlling The Insect Population

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Reducing Spiders Inside The Home By Controlling The Insect Population

28 October 2014
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If you live in a state that is home to a variety of venomous spiders, then you may be extremely concerned about these small insects making their way into your home. Spiders can unfortunately fit through very tiny spaces and they can climb on outside walls until they find a way into your basement or attic. You may find it incredibly difficult to kill the spiders in your house. However, spiders are predators that rely on small bugs as a food source. This means that your can control the spider population by getting rid of the bugs both inside and outside your house. Keep reading to find out how you can do this.

Invest in Sticky Traps

You can buy a variety of pest control products that include insecticides and other chemical agents that are meant to kill the insects both inside and outside your home. If you do not want chemicals near your pets, children, or yourself, then it is wise to stay away from insecticides that can cause illnesses. You can invest in sticky traps instead.  

Sticky traps are a pest control product that can be used to kill some of the insects that enter your home. The traps are made out of cardboard pieces that are lined with glue. When an insect steps on the glue, their legs will get stuck. Place the traps along the walls of your basement and attic and set them in other spaces where you commonly see insects in your house.

Track Insect Activity

Sticky traps will only kill some of the bugs that enter your house, but they will also allow you to track insect activity in your home. Once you secure the traps, inspect them once a day to see if any small creatures have been trapped. If one or several of your traps contain more bugs than the others, then you will know that there are holes in your home where the insects are finding their way in. Use a flashlight on the inside and outside of your home to find these holes. If you locate openings, use caulk to fill in the spaces.  

Purchase silicone caulk from your local home store. This type of caulk will expand and contract when your home is exposed to hot and cold temperatures. This way, the holes will stay closed and insects will not be able to get into your house. When you secure the caulk, place a generous bead inside holes and then use a piece of cardboard to smooth it out.

Change Outside Lights

Insects are drawn to the lights that you turn on outside your home. This occurs, because insects instinctively use the light of the moon to navigate flight patterns in the evening. Outdoor lights are brighter than the moon, and the insects try to use the illumination to fly. The light is concentrated though, and the insects end up circling the outdoor bulbs based on the small radius of illumination that they see.

Many spiders will locate the bugs by your outside lights, and webs are created nearby to catch the flying insects.

Buy Yellow Bug Lights

You can reduce the number of bugs that flock to your outdoor lights by simply changing your light bulbs. Most insects see light in the same way that humans can, but insects can see shorter wavelengths of light better than long ones. These shorter wavelengths produce blue, green, and purple tones. White lights also attract bugs, because they contain a combination of both short and long wavelengths.

Yellow light bulbs produce longer wavelengths of light that are less visible to insects. This means that you should purchase yellow bulbs for your outdoor lights. These lights are often marketed as bug lights, so find them at your local home store and install them outside your home.  

If you have spiders both inside and outside your home, then you may be concerned about the venomous varieties that live in your state. Spiders are difficult to control though, and this means that you need to eliminate their food sources. Click here for more info on controlling the insect population.