Four Cities Where The Luxury Apartment Price Is Worth Every Penny

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Four Cities Where The Luxury Apartment Price Is Worth Every Penny

7 August 2015
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Now that you have the money and the career you have always wanted, you may want a very nice luxury apartment to go with it. Even if you are rolling in money, you may still want to be careful about where you live and what you spend. Economies have been known to falter and job markets to fail, so being sensible with your cash flow is a good thing. If you still want a luxury apartment, there are four cities in the U.S. that have several apartments that make the eye-popping price tag well worth every penny.

New York, NY

The mere massiveness of New York City lends itself to dozens of billionaires and hundreds of luxury apartments (some of which were built and are currently owned by billionaires). You do not have to be a billionaire to live in most of these apartments, and the nature of the public transit systems are such that you do not have to worry about a car or all of the auto-related expenses. Because you can travel by bus, taxi, subway, bicycle or on foot, the money you save you can include in your monthly rent budget. If all of the above is not enough reason to live luxuriously in New York, NY, consider the thousand different ways to be entertained, amused and have fun.

Chicago, Illinois

Living in a luxury apartment along the Michigan lake shore provides you with stunning views. On clear days, you can almost see all the way across the lake (when your apartment is several stories up). In the luxury living area of Chicago, there are dozens of high-end shops with windows that are always decorated to the nines and art galleries and museums in which you can pass many a long, quiet hour. Transportation on the "el-train" makes getting anywhere in the city fast and simple, too.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Why not rub shoulders and elbows with some high-rollers? Even if you do not live and work in Vegas all year round, you could keep a luxury apartment there for those times when you decide that Vegas is where you need to play. You could sublet the apartment the rest of the time, or rent it out as a vacation property when you are not using it yourself. With the number of visitors Las Vegas gets, your luxury apartment could garner you some extra cash or pay for itself when you allow others to borrow it for a short time.

Beverly Hills, California

Some movie stars buy their luxury apartments, but you could just rent one with the hopes of running into someone famous. If you make a lot of famous connections, your apartment becomes the sought-after property of others who are trying to become famous themselves. The return investment on your luxury rental is made in friends and associations that could further your career and/or feed your ambitions, so if you choose Beverly Hills for your new home, make sure a real estate agent knows exactly what you want.