Securing An Apartment Complex

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Securing An Apartment Complex

28 March 2016
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If you are going to be managing an apartment complex, you will have a lot of things to take care of. No matter how many areas of concern you are going to be faced with, you want to make security one of the things that remains at the very top of your list. You need to offer all your residents a safe place to call home; one where they don't have to worry about falling victim to criminals. Follow some of the advice provided in the following article to create a safer community to those that rent apartments from you.

Install a wrought iron fence

Installing a wrought iron fence around the complex allows you to keep people out who don't belong there in a way that also adds a nice look to the property. At the walk-in entrance to the apartment complex, you want to have a fence that opens only when a person has a gate card that gives them access or when they enter the appropriate code. At the parking area, you want to have a gate that opens for the vehicles, also with the use of a gate card or correct access code.

Cut back the bushes

If there are thick bushes in the corners of the property that block people's view of an area, then you want to have them cut back. Areas like this provide people with hidden areas where they can engage in criminal behavior without worrying about being seen from people walking or driving by.

Keep the courtyard lit brightly

Take a walk around the entire property after dark. Make sure that all areas have plenty of lighting, so there is nowhere that provides criminals with a safe haven. Stay on top of having lights replaced right away when they burn out and have your tenants report any burned out porch lights to you immediately.

Hire a nighttime security guard

Whether you live on or off the property, you want to make sure it is going to be as secure as possible when you clock out for the day. At night, things can happen that you aren't aware of and that put your tenants and their property at risk. You can help to prevent this from happening if you hire an on-site security guard to patrol the complex during the night time hours to prevent criminal behavior from happening in the apartment community. Contact some local security companies for more information.