How To Deal With A Sloping Backyard In A Newly Built Home

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How To Deal With A Sloping Backyard In A Newly Built Home

30 September 2016
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One of the best parts about buying a newly built home is that you get the chance to live in the home before anyone else. If you are moving into your new home and walking around the grounds, you may notice things that you did not see before. Depending on the area that your home is located in, your yard may actually slope. If you move in and notice that your yard is sloping downward, here are some ways to rectify this issue. 

Create steps at the bottom

If you want to utilize your entire yard, you may consider installing stairs on a steep slope. At the bottom of your backyard, where the slope is at its deepest, install a retaining wall and some stairs that will allow you and you family to walk up to the rest of the yard. Be sure to add a gate around the steps if you have children so that there are no accidents. Make sure the steps are wide enough so that there will be no slipping in the event of rain, since water will likely run down the steps. Talk to your concrete or masonry contractor about making sure the cement has an easy to grip surface to prevent accidents. 

Put in a pool

Placing a pool at the end of the yard will give you further entertainment, along with raising the bottom of the backyard. Have the construction company that is building the pool come and build up the area to decrease the slope. This can be done by adding dirt to raise the ground level, or it can be performed by stacking the cement levels higher prior to putting in the pool. Installing the pool may also increase the worth of your brand new home, depending on your neighborhood. 

Move up the fence

Just because you own a particular piece of land or property does not mean that it has to be fenced off. If the yard slants in a way that makes you uncomfortable walking on, you can move the fence forward. After you have moved the fence forward to a comfortable walking level, you can use the other side of the land somehow or just leave it as a walking path. If you wish, you can pave the lower portion of your yard to make it a sidewalk that leads to the grassy portion of your backyard. 

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