Shopping For Your First Gun Safe? A Few Points To Consider Before Making Your Final Purchase

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Shopping For Your First Gun Safe? A Few Points To Consider Before Making Your Final Purchase

22 February 2017
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According to NBC News, approximately one in three adults in the United States is the proud owner of at least one firearm. If your gun collection is slowly growing, some of your pieces are valuable, or you simply want to protect your family and investment, chances are you are considering purchasing a gun safe. However, before you simply purchase a safe that is inexpensive or large enough to accommodate your collection, it's important to note that not all gun safes are created equally. Here are a few points to consider while you shop around for the best gun safe for your needs and budget:

Will Your Gun Collection Grow in the Future?

While shopping around for a new gun safe, chances are that the size of the safe is a big consideration. For example, if you simply don't have the room for a big safe, this might be the deciding factor that leads you to purchase a smaller model.

However, if you have a large space to to store your gun safe in, you might be playing it safe and only purchasing a model that is adequate enough for your current collection. Just because you don't have any plans to purchase additional firearms in the future doesn't mean your needs won't change.

With this thought in mind, it's always best to purchase a safe that can accommodate more guns than are currently in your collection. Keep in mind that in addition to your guns, you can also store ammunition and other valuables in the safe, such as jewelry or important documents.


The accessibility of your firearms is another consideration to keep in mind. If you are planning to store a collection of antique pistols in your basement, it's okay to choose a model that will take some time to gain access to.

However, if you are storing the guns that you use for home protection in your safe, the ability to access them quickly and effortlessly is critical. For example, in this case, you may want to consider purchasing a small safe that can be kept under your bed or inside a closet. This safe would house only a single firearm, and its size and placement would allow you to access it at a moment's notice.

When it comes to your other firearms, go ahead and purchase a safe that is large enough to accommodate them all and that can be stored in an out-of-the-way spot, such as your basement or attic.

Don't Forget About the Lock

The type of lock featured on your safe will not only impact its price; it will also determine how quickly and easily you can access your firearms, and how difficult it would be for a burglar to also get inside your safe.

Here are a few of the most common types of locks featured on residential gun safes:

  1. Mechanical lock – A mechanical lock is less expensive and simply requires you to remember a combination. This is a great option if your budget is tight. However, be aware that these locks, which are just like the model you had on your locker in high school, can wear out, but they also don't require batteries, which means you don't need to worry about the lock becoming disabled.
  2. Biometric lock – A biometric lock uses your fingerprint to keep your firearms safe. These are a great option because they are extremely secure, which is ideal if your collection is valuable.
  3. Electronic lock – For many gun owners, an electronic lock is a phenomenal option. The locks require a PIN code to access your firearms, which allows you to get into your safe very quickly. This is ideal if you are using your firearms for protection.

Purchasing a safe to house your gun collection is a big decision. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask a professional at a company like Southern California Security Centers for assistance.