Three Considerations to Make When Selecting an Unfinished Condominium

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Three Considerations to Make When Selecting an Unfinished Condominium

24 March 2017
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Being able to set up the floor plan of your own home is a major advantage when you are living in a condominium. If a condo building is selling units that are incomplete, you may be able to catch a good deal on a property for sale. If you are not sure how to select a condo for sale, you should take a look at the overall square footage as well as a few other features. Here are three features that you can find in an unfinished condo to make sure that you have what you need in a home. 

Select a corner unit

One of the best ways to be sure that a setup will work for any floor plan that you choose is to get a corner unit. Corner unit condominiums tend to have a lot of windows in different areas. Having a lot of windows will make it easy for you to section off a living room and bedrooms without having to give up much sunlight in either. With a corner unit, you will also be able to have corners in which you have no neighbors. This means you can set up a good surround sound system or family room in this area. 

Base it on the walls

One of the things that you should look for in an unfinished condo is concrete walls. Even if the walls of the condo are completed, you should make sure that the material that is used for the walls is up to par. Concrete walls mean that you will not be able to hear your neighbors, which can make for a more satisfying condo experience. Be sure that the ceilings and floors are also created with concrete so that your walking won't be heard by those in the unit below you, and your upstairs neighbor's steps will not disturb you at any point. Study concrete walls make for a quieter, more enjoyable living experience. 

Find out how much leeway you get

Some condominiums will have rules on what type of finishings and additions you can make to your home. Find out the rules for any of the condos that you are considering purchasing. Determine if there are any rules about the types of materials that you put inside of your kitchen, whether or not you can wallpaper your home, and if you can have a modernized bathroom and fixtures. Select a condo that allows you to make your space your own.