Controlling And Preventing The Spread Of Mold Inside Your Apartment

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Controlling And Preventing The Spread Of Mold Inside Your Apartment

26 May 2017
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When you live in an apartment and discover that you've got a mold problem, you usually will need to contact your landlord about it. While you wait for them to get back to you, however, you can take certain steps to control the mold you see and prevent it from growing in other places throughout the space. Use these tips to address mold in your apartment.

Use Vinegar

White vinegar can be something you typically keep in your kitchen, but it can also be used wherever you see mold creeping up walls because it kills many varieties of mold. Using equal parts of vinegar and water, mix up a solution in a spray bottle and spritz it directly on the mold you see. Use a scrubbing brush or sponge to scrub the mold away. Vinegar has a strong smell, but the smell should fade rather quickly; use a fan to help circulate air if you like.

Try Baking Soda

One perk of using baking soda for this problem is that it has a mild odor that isn't offensive to anyone. Applying a paste of the substance mixed with some warm water can sometimes be more effective than a liquid, as the paste will stay put on top of the mold and neutralize it as it sits there. Apply the paste and allow it to sit for some time before brushing it off with one of your old toothbrushes or another bristle brush.

Purchase an Air Purifier

To stop mold spores from spreading, you might want to use a large air purifier for the room where you spend the most time. You could also purchase small units for each room. The purifiers will trap mold, dust and other tiny debris so they don't circulate throughout your house. You may find that you breathe more easily as well.

Be Careful with Humidity and Spills

Once you've taken care of visible mold inside your apartment, you've got to get vigilant about handling humid and moist areas. For example, if you know that humidity is high inside a certain space, use a dehumidifier or open windows so you've got good airflow and circulation.

It's also important to handle spills, even water, immediately. You may figure that water in your carpet will evaporate, for instance, but instead of risking mold growth, be sure to blot the spill area until it is completely dry.

With this information, you can control and prevent mold in the apartment until you talk to your landlord. They are likely to enlist the help of a professional like AccuPro Inspection Services that can kill and eliminate mold for good.