Like To Swim With Dolphins? Where You May Want To Live

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Like To Swim With Dolphins? Where You May Want To Live

31 May 2017
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If you live along the coast, you have probably had the pleasure of watching dolphins swimming and playing out in the water. You may have even seen them up close while out on a boat or personal watercraft. However, if you really want to interact with these majestic sea creatures, you need to find a place where they offer dolphin swimming adventures. Here are three states that have the facilities and people who will take you out in the water with dolphins and other sea animals to hang out for a while.


The main island of Hawaii and the island of Oahu both have places where you can enjoy swimming with dolphins. You will have guides that take you out in a boat, into the ocean, to places where you can swim alongside dolphins, sea turtles, manta ray, and other sea creatures. You choose whether to scuba, snorkel, or just swim. You can also go stay in the boat to watch the animals and even see a whale or two swimming by.


Florida offers dolphin swimming adventures in the wild and in captivity. There are places that are set up in a lagoon with a man-made reef where the dolphins and other animals live. You can also go to places where the dolphins live in large, outdoor tanks. The guides will give a lesson about the animals you will see, and then help you get ready for a swim with them. These dolphins are friendly and domesticated. You may also go to a dolphin preserve. This is an area set up on the ocean where the animals know they are safe so they hang around. These dolphins love attention and interacting with humans. Once you get to the beach it won't be long before the dolphins are acting up and begging you to join them.


There are a couple of places in California that will allow you to get into their water tanks with the dolphins. There will be guides with you at all times to make sure everything is done safely. You may also charter a private boat and go out into the ocean where these fun-loving creatures are known to hang out. However, the boat captain will not be responsible for anything that happens should you decide to get in the water with them. These voyages are mainly for watching the animals in their own habitat.

You can buy a home on the oceanfront in places where the dolphins are known to swim by. You may also decide to go to a facility that will help you swim with these beautiful creatures. You decide how much you want to interact and then choose where to go.

For more information, you will want to contact a company such as Kona Ocean Adventures.