Vacation On A Budget: Tips To Save Money

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Vacation On A Budget: Tips To Save Money

27 June 2017
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If you're hoping to find a budget getaway, you might feel discouraged at the cost of vacationing during the warm seasons. Not only do gas prices and food prices go up in destination hot spots, but you pay a premium for rentals and transportation as well. If you're wondering how you can plan a vacation without breaking the bank, here are a few tips to help. 

1. Rent a condo in the off season.

Vacation condos are usually pretty popular during the height of warm weather and summer vacation days. Landlords know this, so they adjust the price to meet the high demand. If you book a trip in the early spring of fall instead of during the summer, you'll have the advantage of better prices. Not only that, but you'll be able to visit tourist spots without the same crowds and litter.

You might find that sacrificing on temperature might be a good trade-off. In many places that stay warm year round, like Florida or California, prices still drop in the winter time because families try to vacation during the months when school is out. Booking a vacation during November or February will provide needed respite if you live in a wintery area. 

2. Book flights early, but not too early.

Some people think that earlier is always better for getting the best flight prices, but the reality is that flights stay expensive until just a few months before a trip. Even then the prices can fluctuate based on flash sales. As you get within three months of your trip, begin watching for sales and compare prices on a daily basis. You'll see differences of several hundred dollars as you scope out different airlines and sales. 

3. Stay somewhere with a kitchen.

It might be cheaper in the short run to rent a room that has a bed and a bathroom, but it's worth it to pay a little more for a kitchenette. This way, you can cook some of your own food while you're there, and you can store snacks instead of having to buy them while you're out exploring the area. You also won't have to eat out while you're there, if you don't want to, which will save you a bundle. 

If you're wondering about how to save money while still planning a great vacation, contact a business like Poole & Associates Investments, Inc. Discuss the possibility of discounted weekends and other cost savings.