Three Ways To Give Your Home A Little More Privacy

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Three Ways To Give Your Home A Little More Privacy

29 June 2017
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If you are a private person who prefers to feel alone and safe while at home, having close neighbors may not appeal to you. If you live in a city with a high population, it may be common for your home to be close to the neighbor's houses. When you are on the real estate market looking at homes for sale, you may find single family homes that fit your profile perfectly but are close to the neighboring homes or easy to see from the streets. Luckily, there are some ways to make your home a little more secluded, even in the city. Here are three ways to make your house a little more private. 

Install topiaries

Topiaries are not just to show off your good taste in trees and shrubs. Topiaries help to seclude the front of your home and yard from those who are in the street. Install tall topiaries that are at least as tall as a person in order to decrease the view into your front yard. These can be installed directly behind a fence or set up on the perimeter of your home in lieu of a fence. You can select topiaries that are fancy shapes or you can go with your typical rectangular shaped shrubbery. 

Install a wall

If you do not like the restrictions of fencing that have to go all around your property, you can install walls in between yourself and your neighbors. Walls can be made of a number of things, including wood, cement, or even flowers. Be sure to check with your city to determine how tall and wide a built structure can be without needing a permit so that you remain within legal guidelines. Make sure to structure the wall so that it is in front of your windows, which will give you plenty of privacy. 

Add a water feature

If hearing other people is the problem, an enjoyable solution is to install a water fountain or other water feature inside of your backyard. The sound of a trickle or gush of water will drown out voices and even some road noise if you are on a busy street. If you install a pool along with the water feature, you will have a nice place to have fun, plus it will be difficult to hear the neighbors. Inside the front yard, you can install a flat waterfall that will give some serenity to the entrance of your home. 

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