3 Tips For Making Sure The House You Want To Buy Is Dog-Friendly

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3 Tips For Making Sure The House You Want To Buy Is Dog-Friendly

24 July 2017
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While looking to buy a new home, you may have found a couple of houses that have caught your eye. However, if you have a dog, you want to make sure the house and area are suitable for your pet. Use the three tips below for making sure the house you want to buy is dog-friendly.

Drive Around the Neighborhood Before Viewing a House

On your way to viewing a house, drive around the block first to look at the area. As you drive, look for a couple of things that suggest the neighborhood is appropriate for dog owners.

While going by other people's houses, see if there are any dogs in their yards. Or, if you are going to look at the house when people are typically at work and their dogs are inside, look for signs of dogs living there, such as toys or dog houses.

Another thing to look for while making your drive-by of the neighborhood is the presence of sidewalks. If you enjoy taking your pooch for a walk, you want to make sure you can safely do so without having to walk in the street.

Examine the Home's Layout

Once you have arrived at the home and are touring it, examine the home's layout to make sure it is a fit for your furry friend. Depending on the size and breed of your dog, some features that you love may prove troublesome for your dog.

For example, if the house is two-story and has steep hardwood steps, your dog may have trouble navigating the height of each step. Also, since they are constructed from wood, they may be too slick for your dog, causing them to fly off the stairs while running too fast.

Inspect the Yard and Fence

After touring the house, walk out into the yard to inspect it. Also, if there is an existing fence, inspect it carefully to make sure it can contain your dog when you let them go outside and play.

For example, if the yard is surrounded by a rail fence with only a few horizontal slats, you would have to replace it before letting your dog out so it can contain them. If there is a privacy fence around the property, inspect if for holes or loose boards that your pooch could get through. If you find any, these areas would need to be repaired.

After going through the above tips, you should have a good idea about how suitable the house and neighborhood are for your dog. If you have any questions about local services or pet ordinances, discuss the situation with your real estate agent who can give further information about buying a house that is dog-friendly.