Make Sure Your Next Home Has Great Internet Options

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Make Sure Your Next Home Has Great Internet Options

8 August 2017
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There are a lot of factors involved with selecting a home, and priorities are different for everyone. Appearance, cost, distance from work, neighborhood, and amenities are just a few of those factors, but if you're a consumer tech lover or tech professional, you need to be in your element. If bad internet is unacceptable for either working from home or simply enjoying online videos and games, here are a few points to consider before settling on a home.

Internet Service As A Commodity

Not all internet is the same, and this isn't just a brand difference. In addition to different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) having boasts about speed and quality, you need to realize that internet infrastructure--or any network infrastructure--is a constantly changing and quickly degrading issue.

Before going forward, leave behind the thoughts of what "should" be happening with a business that takes your business. Yes, a business should be delivering the best speeds possible to all areas where money is being taken for services, but save that battle for after you've picked out a place. It's easier to make a difference once you're a customer, and this issue exists with every ISP.

Look up reviews for internet service in the area. For the best experience, you'll want to find homes that have multiple high speed internet service offers. "High speed" and "broadband" have a few different definitions that multiple companies and even the government have yet to settle upon, but the average internet speed in the United States is a little over 54Mbps (Megabits per second).

Your real estate agent can help in the search by checking the internet service and telecommunication receptacles. When moving into a new home, you usually have to work with an ISP technician to test the line quality, and some new homeowners have to deal with a few days of no Netflix in a new home.

Humble people will pretend that this isn't a priority. A new house is great, but why not have the maintenance done before you move in?

Pushing For Better Service

With multiple competitors around the same speed tier, you can pit them against each other with threats to quit, or at least complaints about another company doing it better. Your home's location is more likely to have better maintenance, and the threat to leave for another company can make any necessary repairs faster.

If you're in an area with bad infrastructure and only one ISP, you're at their mercy. Take the risk if the other home and area features are nice, but know that your internet quality will need to be around less than half of the advertised speeds before you can take legal action and demand major improvements.

Your legal rights for internet service are listed under the best effort clause in most service contracts, and these contracts terms can help you find a more suitable area as well.

Contact a real estate agent to discuss your internet needs, and be sure to bring up any other tech-related needs such as computer stores or hobby shops in the area.