3 Features To Look For In A House Plan For True Southern Living

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3 Features To Look For In A House Plan For True Southern Living

30 June 2019
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

You have the perfect plot of land picked out in a country setting, right down to the backdrop of trees in the backyard and what could eventually be a long driveway. Now it's time to pick out the house plans that will truly bring your southern living dream to life. Homes in the south have been admired for centuries because of their welcoming personality and practical designs. If this is a dream of yours, there are a certain set of attributes that you really should be looking for in a house plan that will suit your vision well. 

A Large Kitchen

There's something about home-cooked meals and southern life that just go together, so your southern house plan really should have a large kitchen. You could go with an eat-in kitchen, which is the traditional choice, but you could also go with a rather sizable kitchen with a dining room off to the side. In either case, your kitchen will be the heart of the home, and it is something that most would expect to see in a home built with a certain level of southern charm in mind. 

A Wraparound Porch 

Lazy summer days on the front porch with a glass of sweet tea or lemonade, chatting with relatives before they head home on the porch, watching the rain come in from a distance while you peel potatoes for supper on the porch—these are just common everyday scenes from a southern life. Therefore, the house plan you pick really does need a nice porch. Most people looking for southern appeal go with a wraparound porch layout, which goes completely around the house, but as long as you go with a porch that gives you plenty of room for furnishings, you'll be good to go. 

Plenty of Windows 

One thing that is a constant in southern homes is an airy sort of feel that comes along with having plenty of windows and a lot of natural light. It is not uncommon for southern homes to have multiple windows in every room, and even a window in bathrooms. Larger windows across the front of the house are typical, so opting for a house plan that allows room for ample windows in the walls is a good thing to do. 

Overall, your southern home should be a place of comfort and will make everyone who visits feel right at home. Talk to a house plan provider for more information.