3 Tips to Take Full Advantage of Your Waterfront View

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3 Tips to Take Full Advantage of Your Waterfront View

13 November 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you are shopping for a waterfront condo for sale, you might be wondering whether or not the view would ever get old. While it might seem likely that you would tire of a view of the ocean or a lake, waterfronts are bustling with activity, whether people in your area like to sail or play in the sand. Here are three tips to take full advantage of that new waterfront view, and why you'll never get tired of that gorgeous scenery. 

1. Keep Your Windows Unobstructed

Forget about curtains and bulky pieces of furniture. When you start shopping for a waterfront condo for sale, you will want to focus on keeping those windows as clear as possible. Unless you are on the main level where passers-by could see into your home, skip the curtains and blinds altogether to keep your windows completely clear. If you are worried about passive heat gain from sunlight, have your windows coated in UV protective film after you move in. Some of these films are designed to create a slight reflective glare, which also helps with privacy. 

2. Orient Your Furniture Toward the View

When you have a waterfront condo, your entire focus when you set up your property should be the view. Orient as many furniture pieces as possible towards the view, so that you can enjoy the sights while you live your daily life. If you have a deck, capitalize on the view by placing patio furniture outside. Never block windows with items like entertainment centers or hanging plants, as they will only hamper your gorgeous view of that lake or ocean. 

3. Hire Professional Window Washers

Dust, grime, and smudges can disrupt your view of that cool, blue water, so keep your windows sparkling clean by requesting a little help. Ask professional window washers if they wouldn't mind coming on a regular basis, so you never even have to think twice about having your windows cleaned. In addition to cleaning interior windows, professionals can also clean high, view-oriented windows, so you don't have to mull over smudges you can't reach. 

Anytime you are considering investing in a condo, think carefully about where you want to live, and the views you might be able to enjoy. Talk with your real estate agent and explain that you are looking for a home with an impeccable view, and tour as many homes as possible. When you find the perfect view, you will know that you'll feel right are home.