Putting Your House on the Market

For some people, moving is one of the most stressful events of their lives. This can especially be the case when homeowners must sell their houses quickly. If you need to sell your home quickly, but aren’t sure how to do so, consider hiring a reputable, real estate agent near you. This professional can walk through your home and provide ideas about how you can make it more attractive to potential buyers. For example, your real estate agent might recommend you replace the carpet in your living room with hardwood floors. On this blog, I hope you will discover the numerous ways a real estate agent can assist you during the home selling process. Enjoy!

Calgreen Regulations & Construction Waste Management: What Californian Home Builders Need To Know

31 October 2014
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From January 1, 2014, new stricter building regulations came into effect in the state of California, which focus on green or environmentally friendly construction practices. The California 2013 Green Building Standards Code (or CALGreen) governs the construction or alteration of low and high-rise residential buildings. The legislation covers many aspects of construction, including waste management. If you're building or extending a home, find out how CALGreen applies to any construction or demolition waste you create and what you need to do to comply with the law. Read More …

What Everyone Should Know About Brown Recluse Spiders

28 October 2014
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Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders. The sight of a creepy, crawly spider can send you into full ninja mode if you have arachnophobia. But, even if you don't fear spiders, imagine what it would be like to live in a home infested with as many as 6,000 poisonous ones! Brian and Susan Trost had to abandon their home because it was overrun by brown recluse spiders. Of course, their situation was extreme, but all it takes is one bite from a brown recluse spider to change your life. Read More …

Reducing Spiders Inside The Home By Controlling The Insect Population

28 October 2014
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If you live in a state that is home to a variety of venomous spiders, then you may be extremely concerned about these small insects making their way into your home. Spiders can unfortunately fit through very tiny spaces and they can climb on outside walls until they find a way into your basement or attic. You may find it incredibly difficult to kill the spiders in your house. However, spiders are predators that rely on small bugs as a food source. Read More …

3 Smart Ways To Repurpose Plastic Storage Containers

24 October 2014
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Are you trying to figure out what to do with those extra plastic storage containers? If you have already stashed away all of your Christmas décor and cleaned out your closet, you might be tempted to give those extra plastic totes to your neighbor. However, plastic storage containers aren't just for your attic or storage shed. Here are three smart ways to repurpose plastic storage containers and how they might make your life a little easier. Read More …

Concerned About Carpenter Ants? Tips For Preventing And Controlling Infestations

20 October 2014
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Carpenter ants are problematic pests that will leave a path of destruction behind as they nest in wood. If overlooked and left untreated, you'll find that carpenter ant infestations can spread quickly and become severe. In some situations, you may find that a carpenter ant infestation will lead to the growth of multiple nests throughout the house. Here's a look at the most common areas to find them and what you should do about an infestation if you find one. Read More …